Type and Pop Balloons Skill Game Type and Pop Balloons Skill Game

Type the word that comes across the screen to pop the balloons. Get a high score and move to the next level.

Wordcross 13 Wordcross 13

Popular highscores word search game is back! This time with European countries!

Galax Galax

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Wordcross 10 Wordcross 10

Highscores puzzle Wordcross is back, this time with name of the music bands!

Hangman Puzzle Game Hangman Puzzle Game

Pick a topic and guess the letters that belong to the word. Miss a letter and get one step closer to hangman.

Wordcross 2 Wordcross 2

Second part of popular crossword puzzle with high scores mode!

Wordcross 14 Twilight! Wordcross 14 Twilight!

Can you find all the words from Twilight movie?

Word Cage Word Cage

Word Cage is a new relaxing highscores word search game with very original gameplay, 3 modes and thousands of possible words!

Wordcross 15 Wizards! Wordcross 15 Wizards!

How fast can you find the names of famous wizards?

Wordcross 6 Wordcross 6

Sixth part of popular hiscores crossword puzzle, this time with characters from fairy tales!

Wordcross 4 Wordcross 4

Fourth part of popular highscores crossword puzzle, this time with fruits and vegetables!

Wordcross 16 Christmas Wordcross 16 Christmas

Find all the Christmas words as fast as possible!

Wordcross 5 Wordcross 5

Fifth part of popular hiscores crossword puzzle, this time with words from furniture area!

Typing Game Typing Game

Fun typing game with bubbles! Type the letter on the bubble to pop it.

Comet Busters! Comet Busters!

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Ball Prep Makeover Ball Prep Makeover

Hi Girls! Today we are going to teach you to get prepared for the incoming ball. First, do you know where the word "ball" comes from? The word "ball" derives from the Latin word ballare, "meaning to dance", the Latin word also developed into bailar, the Spanish and Portuguese verbs for "to dance". Catalan uses the same word, ball, for the dance event. Similarly, in Scottish Gaelic, the noun ball means dance, spot, place. Today it is celebrated as a special evening event. Here we socialize and meet friends. So now you know how important this event is, right? So you must look presentable, if not, stunning! Let us begin your transformation. This ball event shows that you have now grown to what gentlemen calls a lady. Have fun!

Wordcross 12 Wordcross 12

Highscores puzzle Wordcross is back, this time with HALLOWEEN theme!

Ultimate Word Search Ultimate Word Search

Already over 400 word search games included! Why to have millions of word search games, when you can have them all in one game? Ultimate Word Search as a huge collection of highscores word search games created by players all around the world! Submit also your game!

Winter Typing Winter Typing

Winter themed learning game. Play and improve your typing skills.

Shooting Typing Shooting Typing

shooting to the sexy girls or you will be killed ! Type out the correct spelling of each word in order to destroy them. Higher levels get progressively more difficult. Good luck! more games on http://TimeAndGame.com

Wordcross 7 Wordcross 7

A new part of popular highscores crossword puzzle, this time with words from sports!

Wordcross 11 Wordcross 11

Highscores puzzle game is back, this time with acresses!

Word Panic! Word Panic!

Make a word from the scrambled letters before time runs out!

Sea Typing Sea Typing

Fun typing game with summer theme.

Supermodel Word Search Supermodel Word Search

Become a fashionista diva! Find the Supermodel words in this cute word search game.

Asteroid Defense Asteroid Defense

New type of typing-defense game with skills and upgrades. Type letters, earn money and buy skills and items. Get better at typing while having fun.

Ultimate Word Search MOBILE Ultimate Word Search MOBILE

Enjoy over 200 word search games (and more still coming) in this highscore puzzle game! This game is also fully playable on Android cell phones!

Fairy Magic Fairy Magic

Help the young fairies to learn magic.

Word Detective Demo 1 Word Detective Demo 1

Deduce the 4 letter word through trial and error to stop Dark Lord Critter's crazy evil schemes! Word Detective is an entry for the October 2010 Experimental Gameplay challenge, Boys and Girls, made in 3 days! Fuller, better demo to come in the next few months!

Makeup Word Search Makeup Word Search

Find the cosmetic words in this cute word search game.

Princess Word Search Princess Word Search

Help the beautiful princess in her pick dress find the royal words.

Guess the words! Guess the words!

Guess The Word is a huge highscores word search game with hundreds of possible words!

Find That Animal Find That Animal

Swap adjacent tiles with your mouse to make matches of three or more . To complete the level, matches of tree or more tiles that equated with an animal that is on the picture before times is runs out

Wordcross 3 Wordcross 3

Third part of popular hiscores crossword puzzle, this time with words from transportation area!

Wordcross 9in1 Wordcross 9in1

Play this nice highscores crossword game with 9 types in 1! Fully playable also on Android phones!

Pop Star Word Search Pop Star Word Search

Can you find all the hot pop star words in this cool free word search puzzle for girls.

The Britney Apocalypse The Britney Apocalypse

Britney doesn't know the meaning of the word, "quit." She's constantly reinventing herself, and she won't stop until she's completely devoid of ideas. But this popular music star isn't at the end of the road just yet. She's going to keep on dancing 'til the world ends.

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