ItsaCoop ItsaCoop

A game where you must draw so that other people can guess the word you have been given.

Electro Electro

An updated version of the classic "Hangman" game. Guess the word or phrase to survive.

Guess The Words 2 Guess The Words 2

Sequel to a popular word game is here! From the given letters create a word as fast as possible!

Halloween Hangman Halloween Hangman

Halloween Hangman flash game. Choose between 10 categorys and try to guess the words that i am looking for. You have got 8 attempts on each word.

Clothing Scramble Clothing Scramble

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word

Foods Scramble Foods Scramble

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. All words are food related

Bloody Hangman Bloody Hangman

Flags of the world hangman. In this bloody version of hangman you have to know the flags of the worlds countries. If you don't, our hero dies...

Galgenmaennchen Galgenmaennchen

Galgenmaennchen is a german version of Hangman. There are only easy german words for children or people learning german. Click on the letters to guess which one is in the word.

Love Word Scrambler Love Word Scrambler

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. Love nice words solutions

Dates Scrmable Words Dates Scrmable Words

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. Dates Times Word puzzle

Fruits Word Scramble Fruits Word Scramble

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. All words are Fruits or similar words

BodyWords Scramble BodyWords Scramble

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. All words are body related

Word Pyramid Word Pyramid

Word Pyramid is a fun, casual and relaxing guess the word type of game. In each round, 9 letters are given in to create words that can fill up the Word Pyramid. A 9-letter word needs to be created in order to advance to the next round. By filling up the pyramid with shorter words, hints will be provided to help you guess the 9-letter word. The more words you can guess in each round, the more points you will earn. So try to solve the Word Pyramid within the time limit and achieve the highest possible score.

Word Buster Word Buster

Find as many words as you can, that start with these 3 letters.

Vegetables Scramble Vegetables Scramble

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. All words are Vegetable related

Hangman Hangman

Let's keep away from violence in our peaceful and harmless version of hangman! With the answers collected from the Dolch word list and the lovely graphics, your babies will definitely love it. The object of this game is to find out the hidden words by guessing one letter at a time. You will be given a doll on the right, which has a body composed of 6 rings and a head. On the left of the doll are the 26 alphabets, while the hidden word is represented by a row of dashes which indicate the number of letters. Click an alphabet to make a guess, and the selected letter will be removed from the alphabet list. If the letter is correct, it will be shown on its corresponding position on the dashes and you will receive 10 points. If the letter is not contained in the word, 1 ring will be removed from the doll and 2 points will be deducted. If the whole doll is removed, the current question will be skipped. Let your darlings answer all 10 questions and learn through edutainment!


Click the correct alphabet for forming the correct word and also save the man from hanging. If forming the word is correct then man will be saved and display you win otherwise man will be hanged(died) for every wrong selection of alphabet and you lose the game will be displayed.

Scramble Words Creatures Scramble Words Creatures

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. Creature solutions

Guess the words! Guess the words!

Guess The Word is a huge highscores word search game with hundreds of possible words!

Jobs Word Scrambles Jobs Word Scrambles

Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. Employment jobs words

Scribble Scribble

Scribble is a fun multiplayer game where each player gets a chance to draw a word while everyone else tries to guess it.

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