Galax Galax

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Wordcross 2 Wordcross 2

Second part of popular crossword puzzle with high scores mode!

Word Cup 3D game Word Cup 3D game

Jigsaw Puzzle - Word Cup 3D game

Jigsaw: Open Top Jigsaw: Open Top

This is what ought to be the meaning of the word topless

Jigsaw: Zebra Stripes Jigsaw: Zebra Stripes

Did you know the name "zebra" comes from the Old Portuguese word "zevra" which means "wild ass"

Wordcross 4 Wordcross 4

Fourth part of popular highscores crossword puzzle, this time with fruits and vegetables!

Comet Busters! Comet Busters!

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Jigsaw: Sunlit Buddah Jigsaw: Sunlit Buddah

The meaning of the word Buddha is the awakened one.

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