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You stay in trendy boutique hotels, lugging around nifty suitcases. Yet, you are just a lame wannabe hipster without a proper understanding of the globalizing world. You don’t need to feign any interest about the civil war in Sudan, nor petition against sharia caning in Malaysia. All you have to do, is to indulge in exoticism while you continue to bask in gilded consumptions. Just master a few words derived from foreign languages, and you will be on top of the world again. After all, the English language has been appropriating foreign words for centuries. Who needs cannons and spy gadgets to colonize the world? The cool lingo for the new global village is, of course, still English!

Valentines Typing Valentines Typing

Fun typing game with Valentine's Day theme.

Bomb Typing Bomb Typing

Practice your typing skills with Bomb Typing. Type the letters on the bombs to detonate them.

Typing Game Typing Game

Fun typing game with bubbles! Type the letter on the bubble to pop it.

QuarkStar Typing QuarkStar Typing

Learn to type faster and defend your planet.

Snail Invasion Extended Snail Invasion Extended

Extremely fun typing game.

Bubble Typing Bubble Typing

Learn to type faster with this extremely fun typing game with bubbles.

Fairy Magic Fairy Magic

Help the young fairies to learn magic.

Snail Invasion Snail Invasion

Protect your garden from these hungry snails!

Bescrambled Bescrambled

You’ll need your wits and your fingertips in this fast-paced language puzzle game, because if it can be said it can be Bescrambled!

Gems Typing Gems Typing

Improve your typing skills playing this game. Type the words as you see them.

Snow Typing Snow Typing

Easy and fun typing game with snowflakes.

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