Halloween Hangman Halloween Hangman

A classic hangman game with a Halloween theme.

Alphabits Scramble Alphabits Scramble

In Alphabits Scramble you score points by finding as many words as possible from six letters that you are given at each round. If you also find a word consisting of all six letters before the time runs out, you may proceed to the next round. Sounds easy? Alphabits Scramble will require full concentration if you want to find as many solutions as possible. The game will broaden your vocabulary at the same time as it's highly entertaining!

Typing Game Typing Game

Fun typing game with bubbles! Type the letter on the bubble to pop it.

Speed Spell Speed Spell

A fast action game where you need to beat the clock and reveal as many words (3 letters or more) with the letters provided. Starting with 4 letter words see if you can spell your way up to 7 letter words!

Hangman Hangman

choose a leeter to try to guess the word. Too many mistakes and......

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